The moment you arrive at the ranch, you become a McGarry Family Member. You'll stay in a log cabin with the main bathhouse (bathrooms/showers) just steps away. We only allow ten (10) guests per week, so breakfast at the ranch house is a family affair. After the 7:00am breakfast, you'll help catch your horse, saddle up and head to the mountains to begin the days work. Lunch will usually be eaten " around " noon, out of saddle bags or from coolers that are left at the trucks. After lunch, back on your horse to finish the day's chores.

The days end, around 5:30pm, however we make no promises, might be a longer day depending on how much we get done. You should find yourself tired and ready to enjoy a hearty homemade meal. After an evening of reliving the days activities around the table or campfire, comfortable cabins will provide you a good nights sleep. Good talk, good friends make you a stranger no longer.

This is not a " nose to tail " operation. Sometimes you may ride off to check gates, make sure water troughs are running, or to bring back a stray cow/calf. You will meet strangers here that will become life long friends. We have a return rate of about 75% and many guests schedule the same time every year to renew old friendships.

Almost all of the work is performed from the backs of ranch broke Quarter Horses. You will be matched with one or two horses to be used by you for the duration of your stay at the ranch. A saddle will be provided for your usage or feel free, to bring your own.

People come from all over the world to live the life of the American Cowboy. This is a great place for quality time with anyone that is special to you. We have wireless internet, small refrigerators in the cabins, a library of paperback books, and a TV in the Dinning Room and the Vet Shed (but you'll be too busy or tired to watch).

Your safety and enjoyment are uppermost in our minds. Our goal is to ensure your vacation is one that you will always treasure in your memories. Our cowboys will help you to learn to rope, work cattle and ride safely. Feel free to join in the work or just go along for the ride.


The Ranch Takes All Major Credit Cards

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