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Dave Sullivan (Texas)

WOW!!! is an absolute understatement of the joy, excitement, hospitality and quality of people, horses and just plain fun in the mountains. They really make you feel like part of the family. Theron, Jean, Derk, Tina, Val and all the family are just a blast to be around and are very good at the horse and cattle fun. I have to tip my hat to Carson. It is truly a real working ranch and they love for everyone to be a part of it. They fed us like kings and queens at every meal with lots of laughter to make it hard to eat sometime. Boy, I tell you what, that Dillonís wife Kylie sure can cook. :-))) What an incredible group of guests I was with who just love the McGarry Family and wanted to have a blast. This was my first time there and I have to say the hardest trip I've ever had to go home from. I canít wait until my trip back to be a part of this family again. So if you are like me and not a very good horse rider when you get there, believe me you will be before you go home. The horses are so smart and surely try to make sure you are safe and having as much fun as you can handle. My many, many thankful moments of experiencing this wonderful adventure were and are very appreciated. The complete satisfaction of feeling like a real cowboy was truly felt by the time I left for home. So, if you have not had the chance to experience being a real cowboy and ranching or would like to see what it is all about please ride with the McGarry folks and all their guests. It will be the trip of a lifetime. Thank you.

Marc & Dominique

Just came back from the McGarry's for the sixth time now and we can't get enough of it. Hard work, excellent company, wonderful horses who know their job under the professional guidance of an outstanding crew. They let you share "the real cowboy life" as much as you can deal with. Thank you Theron for sharing your wisdom, thank you Jean for "pampering" us with your meals, thank you Derk for putting up with us "city slickers", thank you Val for making us feel at home,and thank you Jeff for all your help on the mountain. Thank you all from the bottom of our heart for letting us be a part of the McGarry family.

Dianne Fore

Wow! What a great time! This was the top thing on my "bucket list" of things to do. "No", I kept telling friends, family and co-workers "it isn't a "dude" ranch!" "Yes," I told them," I'm paying them so I can go out and work for them on a cattle ranch just like they did in the movies." (Well, except we don't camp out and have running water and electric.) This was immediately followed by confirmation I'm not crazy. "No, I won't be mucking out stalls all day."

Part of the fun is not knowing what to expect from day to day yet knowing it involved riding a horse - good for me! "Can't wait to go back" I told mom. "Oh, you don't need to go back" she said. "But I am" I said. End of conversation!

Seriously, July was a great month there with low humidity and no bugs for great riding. In VA if you don't ride early in the morning, it is just too hot and miserable to that day. Idaho has some beautiful country and these are some of the best, genuine people you will find on God's green earth. Had so much fun, I thought my face would get stuck that way....

Martins Ezermalis

Travelled from Latvia, Europe to McGarry ranch two times and stayed two weeks each time.

Used to ride Socks, who was a great horse.

I miss the place & can't wait to return in summer 2014.

Christine Cunliffe

Just back from my second holiday at Mcgarry's. What a brilliant 10 days.

Even better than the 1st time...probably cos I knew what to expect!!

Hard work, steep hills, unco-operative cows, not to mention the dust! However, I still had the best time ever, good company, good food, good horses.

Thanks to Theron, Jean, & Derk for making it a holiday to remember.

Christine Cunliffe

Just realised I missed Val out. Sorry Val big thanks to you too xx

Carol Paige

Theron, Jean, Derk.... a very special group that shares their hearts and their home to give a true look at current "real" cowboy life. It was such a privilege to spend the past week with you! We learned so very much and I'm sure I'm a better rider now. To anyone who is debating about whether or not to book a week at McGarry Ranches.... DO IT! You can always get a pedicure and a massage on some other ranch, but the experience waiting for you at McGarry is unmatched!


Just came back from my 6th time at the McGarry Ranches. It is very saying good bye to these special people at the end of your stay. What fun it is riding the mountains on your trusty steed, trailing cows, (sometimes very uncooperative cows) and enjoying the most beautiful scenery. It was fun meeting new guests, who also like to learn about the good old times. Thank you! I know I will be back.

Pia Mattsson

Wow, we had such a great time. We did not know what to expect and consider us fortunate to have selected what we believe must be the best working ranch that there is. Theron and Jean are truly genuine, Derk, Valerie and Stephanie you guys are great. You, the ranch atmosphere, the animals and the breath taking landscape made this one of the best vacations that we have had. Petter and Pia

Mark Stevens

What an incredible last 3 years I've had. Although I checked off "cowboy for a week" on my bucket list, there is no way I will not be making this an ongoing scheduled stop in my life. I truly love hangin with these folks.

My wife Isabel is finally coming next Oct. I guess she's tired of me babbling about the trip till way into spring. Now she'll get it. I'm bringing enough "horse friends" with me to take over the whole week.

Derk you funny bastard...that's all I can say about you except, I've learned a lot from ya bubba. Theron and Jean, you all do an amazing job of keepin us all safe, fed and longing for the next time we visit. Now, stop starring at my fingers. Missed my good buddy Tom Williams this past trip and I'm wishin him good health. He helped mentor me thru on my first visit 3 years ago. Harold Stein, you did a hellava sales job on me for a couple of years at the Horse Expo in Maryland and I'm grateful for that.

This is a stretch for me to say, since I've traveled so much and done so many interesting things in my life but, this remains at the very top of my list. THE VERY TOP. Thank you all.

Jules Stein

Just returned from my first week at the ranch. Although it was my first time I did go with my brother and his friend who had been there before. I don't think there is enough room here to write the many positive words to express the enjoyment I had. It is truly a family affair and each of the McGarrys and their extended family couldn't have been more gracious. Theron, Jean, Derk, and Valerie made this an unbelievable week. If you have any desire to try this experience, this is the place to go. Hope to see you all next year.

Mary Fox

This was my first time out to McGarry's. I am a cousin to Pam,Pat and Jerry. I am so glad they invited me. Words can't explain how I felt. You were treated like family from the start. The mountains were beautiful, the horses were great, and the jokes from Derk never stopped! Thank you for such a wonderful time.

Mary Fox

This was my first visit and must say I have never experienced anything like it before. I didn't want to go home. The McGarry's opened their home and hearts for us. The meals were great, the cabins were soothing, not to mention the beautiful mountains we rode in. The horses were so good, and knew what they were doing. I was so happy every day, jokes and more jokes from Derk, and getting to meet new people with the same likes. I will be back as soon as possible.

Jerry,Pam &Pat

For the last 2 years, my wife and her twin sister have been to the ranch. We now feel like we are part of the McGarry family. This year was really great as we got to ride some of the most beautiful trails we have ever seen. Derk, Theron, Jean and Val were great to us and this is an experience we will never forget. The Food was great , the cabins are really nice and comfy. We can not wait to come back to enjoy the ranch the great riding and creating the memories of a life time.

Betsy Scaletta

I just returned from my first stay with McGarry Ranch and it was great! Good horses, good people and beautiful country. Theron, Jean, Valerie, and Derk invited you into their home with open arms and they showed you what a true working ranch was all about. Along with me, the ranch had three guests for the week, Annette, Ava-Maria and Brian. We became friends quickly and all week long we laughed so hard we cried. So needless to say, I loved every second of it and I will be back next year! Betsy

Patricia Percich

When my husband Mark first suggested spending our annual vacation chasing cows in Idaho, I thought for sure he'd lost his mind. In the nearly 20 years we'd been married, I'd managed to get him on a horse exactly once. The eight seconds he lasted was good rodeo time, but then my horse picked up a trot and he was done. As he picked himself up from the ground and brushed the dirt off, he just shook his head and said he did not know what I saw in the wretched creatures. I walked over to my grazing horse, picked up the reins and just smiled. Oh, well. So much for shared interests.

A few years later, a visit to the Maryland Horse Expo and there he was, dragging me over to look at pictures of cattle drives in the Rocky Mountains. Now wouldn't that be a fun experience? I agreed but reminded him that he'd have to do that "on horseback"...and he wasn't exactly John Wayne in the saddle. But he was intrigued, so we chatted at length with Harold, who was reassuring. The McGarry's take a limited number of riders each week. Theron is a whiz at matching horses to a rider's level of experience. Once out on the trail, we could do as much or as little as we wanted -- they'd take care of us. I was skeptical but Mark was eager and feeling adventurous. (Oh, Lordy!) So we packed our bags, crossed our fingers, and headed out west for a week of playing cowboy.

That was 7 years ago. What an awesome experience. As promised, Theron found the perfect horse for each of us -- all their horses are solid citizens and totally reliable. By the end of the first day in the saddle, my hubby was figuring out the concept of steering. By mid-week, he was doing his part to herd along the cattle. By the last day of riding, he was splitting off from the group to turn back a stray or two on his own. Pretty amazing for someone who'd never ridden before or taken a single lesson.

We've been back every year since then. The second year, we brought along our adult daughter -- an accomplished rider -- and have made it our annual family vacation. And it is a family experience. With Jean and Theron and Derk -- going to the McGarry's is like visiting relatives -- we share meals, do chores together, ride the range during the day and swap stories and gossip over the dinner table at night. In 7 years of visits, we've met people from all over the U.S. as well as England, Lithuania and the Czech Republic -- some of whom, we've kept in contact with and have even planned our return visits to the McGarry's so we could spend it together. It's that kind of place. We can't say enough good things about it. Looking forward to next year already.

Carrie Gunning

I just want to say thank-you to everyone at McGarry Ranches for an awesome week. I had the opportunity to visit the week of August 13th and what an experience! I truly felt like part of the family. I highly recommend the trip to anyone that wants to experience a real working cowboy lifestyle.

Carrie Gunning

I made my first visit to the McGarry Ranch August 13, 2012 and I must say WOW! I thoroughly enjoyed the accomodations, excellent meals and becoming a part of the McGarry family. Jean welcomed me with open arms and I truly miss her daily hug. I especially enjoyed the entertaining truck rides with Derk and my new friends from Maryland. The riding was excellent and it was satisfying to know I was actually helpful! I learned a lot about cattle and even more about fixing fence. Thanks to all for a truly memorable experience- I can't wait to visit next summer.

Lisa Adams

It was my first time at the ranch this past July and this is what being a cowboy(girl) is all about! It felt amazing to be a part of all of it with the McGarry family. I miss you all so much and I cannot wait until I come out again. Derk, Jean, and Theron really helped to make my experience there great :) I'm only 16 and they can bet on seeing me every year until I can't get up on a horse! The people, the atmosphere, and the work really help make you feel like you are at home and you've been doing this your whole life. I highly, highly recommend anyone interested in being a cowboy for a week to come out and stay a lil' while :)

Jude Haigh

Myself and my friend (Christine) visited McGarry Ranches in June 2012. We found it on the Dude Ranchers Assoc. and chose it for 2 reasons, 1 working ranch 2 small numbers of guests.

The website guest comment page indicated a lot of returning guests too, whichis always a good sign!

Wow, were we right to choose this Ranch, it over exceeded our expectations. The warmth and friendliness that greeted us was fantastic, you really are made to feel at home and part of the family. The food is homemade and delicious, I'm veggie (Chris is not) and there was no way you would go hungry. This is a proper working ranch, so do expect to spend long days in the saddle working along side the cowboys / girls. The terrain is varied, lots of VERY steep ups and down, as well as thick undergrowth trees / bushes and rivers..... It's definitely adventurous!! The horses are all really fit and well cared for and well trained too. If you are looking for a trail type holiday, I don't think this ranch is for you, however if you're looking for the real deal then you'll find it at McGarry Ranches.

There is genuinely nothing that I could grumble about at this Ranch, in fact we enjoyed it so much, we have already booked again for next year.

Thanks to you all at McGarry Ranches for making our holiday so memorable and brilliant.

Todd Hutchins

If you are looking for a real cowboy vacation on horseback stop an book right here , these folks are down home family people there meals are top of the line good old home cooked meals , you become one of the family when you step into McGarry's ranch .I started coming out 2006 an have not missed a year , even started coming out twice a year a vacation of a life time you will be hooked . Make the call an reserve your week you will not be sorry Come an join the McGarry family

Linda Steffy

Thank you to the McGarry family and ranch staff for a great week. We had the best food, lodging and hospitality. Every day was a adventure, even swimming in the Snake River was a first for me!!!

Thanks Again!! See you next year.


Definitely one of the best "vacations' I have ever had! The food is great and I've never been anywhere that is so warming! I cannot wait to come back again, maybe I can find time for 2 weeks!

Marc & Dominique from Belgium

We went back to the McGarry's for the fourth time. We had (again) the greatest week ever even though it was a hard weeks work !! Got to meet some old and some new members of the big McGarry family. Going to the McGarry's is always coming home. They make you feel comfortable from day one on. Here's where "the real stuff" is going on. Thank you Theron, Jean, Derk, Tina and Valerie for sharing the cowboyfeeling... See you guys next time,

Pam Venn

My week at the McGarry ranch was the best vacation I've ever had. I'm glad I didn't know what we would be doing on horseback before I arrived because I would have refused to go. I had never rode a horse and I was scared of both horses and cows before I went. The people at the ranch we're helpful and encouraging but didn't try to push me or hover over me. They helped me find the courage to climb on my horse and join in the work along with the other guest. The first day there I rode up and down hills and across streams, things I never dreamed I could do. Thank you McGarry's for giving me the vacation of a life time. Our guide Derk was funny and gave my husband and myself the best, most exciting week we could have hoped to have. We loved the family, the food and the beautiful country side. We are already making plans for next year.

Laura Peyovich

This August will be my 7th year at McGarry Ranches and I must say every year has been such an amazing experience! I can not even begin to describe the amount of joy/fun that comes along when working on the ranch....it is absolutely a refreshing experience. Chasing the cows and riding the horses through the mountains is unbelievably exhilarating! Everyone at McGarry Ranches are extremely welcoming and feel just like your own family. I've been to other ranches and nothing compares to McGarry Ranches...it truly is a real "cowboy" experience and I highly recommend the ranch to everyone! Thank you McGarry Ranches for all you do!

See you in August!

Ernie Munro

Stayed commencing 13th May. First time at the ranch and it won't be the last. From the minute we arrived we were made extremely welcome by Theron and Jean McGarry and they welcomed us at all times as part of their family. We loved the ranch , the work and the people. We were never felt to be in the way and always were invited to be part of the work force. A mention has to be made of Derk who kept us all amused all of the time. We now can't wait for our next visit to the ranch sooner rather than later.

Carol Aldinger

I visited McGarry Ranch not quite knowing what to expect. Well, the week there far surpassed my wildest expectations. This is about as close as you will ever get to old west and "real" cowboys. This is a real working cattle ranch. Great food; good horses; clean, comfortable cabins and some of the most beautiful country Iíve ever had the pleasure of riding, Theron, Jean, and Derk made us feel at home right from the get-go. Real friendly, genuine folks. They say when you get there you arrive as a guest . . . but when you leave your family. I found this to be very true. I never had so much fun in my life and can't wait to go back.

June Arneman

I have to agree with the other comments I've read. This is not a "dude" ranch - it is an authentic, working cattle ranch. You can work as much or as little as you wish but it's really hard for some of us to stand on the sidelines and watch! You really want to get in there and help with branding and vaccinating the calves, sorting the pairs and moving them to the mountains, moving herds from one grazing area to another, etc. At the end of the day, you are treated to a great home cooked meal and fellowship with the other guests. I can honestly say that, as one other guest reported, after one meal, you become family. In May I will be making my fourth trip and I'm sure that this one will end like all the others - tears and sadness at having to leave the ranch and great friends, wonderful memories and photos to help re-live the experience, and the hope of returning one day. Theron and Jean, thank you for opening your hearts and home to all of us, and Derk - thank you for your patience with some of us who are slightly inept and for making us laugh and feel like we really do make your work easier!

Lynne Maietta

I had the time of my life.....what a great place. What I liked the most (other than the wonderful folks at the ranch) was the fact that, although they watched over you when you were riding through gorgeous and sometimes rough country, they did NOT baby you!!!

Hazel Walsh

It is a long way from Scotland to McGarry Ranches, Idaho but boy, is it worth the journey! If you want to live the life of a cowboy this is the place to do it. Theron and Jean McGarry are so welcoming and Derk will look after you and keep you right up in the mountains. The cows can be challenging, the scenery is spectacular and you are guaranteed to have fun. Can't wait to see everyone again in July!

Steve nelson

I am a horse trainer from North Carolina and have done just about everything there is to do with a horse. But the most fun I have ever had on a horse is at the Mcgarry Ranches. The best thing is the family that you gain when you go there. I have been 5 times canít wait to go again.... miss you guys

Robert Walsh

We are booked again in July, for the 3rd time. It is home from home. The welcome from all the McGarry Family is not to be missed. You are only a stranger until that first handshake (kiss from Jean). Most horses work well some need a little encouagement some need slowed down. Up at the lease, in the mountains, challenges experienced and novice riders alike. Beautiful scenery and pesky cows, never a dull moment.

Deanna Long

I've been visiting McGarry's for the last decade. Would say I've been a guest, but you become family the first time you eat a meal together. Every trip there is like going home, and you won't find better folks anywhere. Jean and Theron open their home, and their lives to give us a glimpse of what ranch life is truly like. The work is authentic, and so are the ranch hands. The horses are sure-footed, the trails formidable, and the cows can be stubborn. The rewards are the satisfaction of a hard day's work well done and riding a landscape that will take your breath away. If you are looking for the real cowboy experience, you've found a home at McGarry Ranches!

Lon Crout

This is the ranch to go to if you enjoy good horses, beautiful countryside and the nicest and best people to be around. They feed you like your grandmother used to, or at least mine. Derk is the best joke teller I know and Jean and Theron are great hosts. This will be my third trip and I wish I could go more often. I do not know of anything that could make it better , other than lasting longer.

Emily Kolb

The ranch is heaven. My favorite place in the entire world. You will never meet a better family - or visit a ranch that feels more like home. My favorite memories have been on the mountains in Idaho. I've been every year at least once for the last 6 years.... will never vacation anywhere else. Riding in the summer at up the lease or in the snow in late fall.... this is the place to go for cowgirl fun.


This will be my 3rd time to the ranch and I can not wait to get there! If you want the true ranch life, this is the one for you. The country side is so beautiful with wonderful views. Great family and great food. The best smell is when you walk by the kitchen.


This is, and always will be, the most fun I've ever had riding a horse!

Julie Michael

I have been to several different guest ranches over the years and they all offer something unique, but this is the one I keep coming back to. If you are looking for a place that will welcome you like family and where you wonít get lost in the crowd, this is the place. If you are looking for a place where you donít ride in a nose-to-tail line, this is DEFINITELY the place. Every year I have been here, there are always returning guests and first timers and by the end of the week we are all friends! I can't say enough good things about the McGarry Family. Come visit and find out for yourself!